Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer is Here!!!

Well Summer is finally here. Now the days grow shorter as we descend into the next season. I have been working on many new and exciting things.

There are always so many ideas in my head. Never enough time to execute them, sometimes the right resources are not to be found. I try and sketch or make notes to keep my mind clear and my ideas safe in one place.

Currently I have been working on many items. I started listing some today in my Etsy store.
I've also been trying to stock pile as many pieces as I can for craft and or pet shows.

Something amazing happened to me today. I sold 12 articles of pet apparel to one client. I've worked on 12 articles of clothing at one time for several customers recently, but I haven't sold that many to an individual in a long time.

It always feels good when you make a big sale. I find it exhilarating as well as motivating. I now want to list as many things as I can in all three of my online stores.

Here is some items from my Etsy Shop. I will be adding more through out the week.